Technology Department

The Technology Department at Sumter County Schools currently maintains computers and network equipment at 9 sites.  The District utilizes an infrastructure of Microsoft based PC's and a Microsoft Active Directory network structure using Server 2008 through Server 2016.  Open source solutions such as Fedora and Ubuntu are also utilized for network management, workstation imaging,  content servers, and backup solutions.  With our current enrollment and active workstations and laptops on the network the District enjoys a 2 to 1 ratio of students to computers.  All sites within the District have access to Wifi services for Internet access.  All Internet traffic is filtered for content to maintain CIPA ( Child Internet Protection Act) compliance. 

Our current infrastructure for Internet access is funded by the School's and Libraries E-Rate program.  The program has allowed Sumter County Schools to enjoy Internet connectivity and access in every classroom in every school via wired LAN or wireless access points.  The District's LAN is a Category 6 Ethernet network with 1000 Megabit connectivity to the desktop.  The backbone of the LAN/WAN connection is a 1000/10000 Megabit Fiber connection that allows LAN speeds between schools located in the city and county with the District office.

The District currently uses Infinite Campus as the Student Information System (SIS) and more information can be found at Infinite Campus.   K12 Solutions Group provides all SIS related support and training for the District's SIS needs.

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