Mission and Vision


Mission: “To Graduate All Students”

Vision: “The Vision of Sumter County Schools is to ensure that all students receive an equitable education and graduate, college and career ready.”


We Will:

1.  Foster a relationship among the home, school, and the community.

2.  Use accurate and current data to plan and deliver instruction to all learners.

3.  Base all decisions on the needs of students.

4.  Provide a caring, safe, and orderly environment that is vital to learning.

5.  Hold high expectations for students, parents, teachers, and leaders; and we will provide support to reach those expectations.

6.  Strive consistently to create an atmosphere of excellence.

7.  Take responsibility for learning, for both our students and ourselves.

8.  Instill the belief that learning is a life-long process.


Click on image below to down load a copy of Sumter County Schools Mission, Vision and Commitment Statement 
Sumter County Schools Mission and Vision Statement