Contact List

Maintenance Department:

First NameLast NameJob Title
ClydeAngry     Maintenance
ScottyBaker    Maintenance
JimmyCalloway Grounds
JoshuaCampbell Grounds Worker 
MikeClark Grounds Supervisor
JohnnyGaines Maintenance
CarlosHaynes Maintenance
BrysonMoyer Grounds Worker 
GeraldShaw Grounds
LandenStyck Grounds Crew 
ThomasSumner Maintenance
CliffordThomas Maintenance
CurtisWalton Maintenance
CurtisWest Grounds



The primary Mission of The Sumter County Schools Maintenance Department is to maintain the District’s facilities and assets, and to provide an outstanding and efficient environment that is safe, comfortable and fully conductive for learning, teaching, and supporting the educational goals of the District.



* To provide professional service to the students and faculty by being courteous, trustworthy and reliable.

* To maintain the facilities in a manner that ensures the safety and well-being of the student and staff.

* To continually advance the department by implementing technology that encourages the effectiveness of operations.

* To maintain energy consuming assets in a manner that effectively promotes their highest operating efficiency.

* To minimize costs and work vigorously within our budget.

* To continue to advance our knowledge and skills through continuing education.

* To create an effective preventative maintenance program to ensure the soundness, effectiveness, and long life cycle of the equipment.

* To complete task in a timely and prioritized manner.

* To maintain our facilities and grounds in a way that makes our community proud and is welcoming to our goals.


·       Safety of the Students, Staff, and Visitors.

·       Respect for one another, and those that we serve.

·       Integrity through our work.