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Americus-Sumter High School and Americus-Sumter Ninth Grade Academy exit state's 'Priority' List

Thanks to increasing student achievement, ASHS and ASNGA have come off of the state's list of "Priority" schools, a designation for Title I schools who are underperforming.

Under the leadership of Principal Kimothy Hadley, ASHS school has seen its graduation rate soar from 83.7% in 2014 to 89.3% of students in 2017. The school's total College and Career Readiness Performance Index Score, or CCRPI, has gone from 53.2 to 70.4 over the same time period. ASNGA has seen an increase in CCRPI from 45 to  54.8 in the same time period.

Dr. Torrance Choates, Superintendent of Sumter County Schools, feels it is a culmination of improved discipline throughout the system which allows teachers to teach, the level of instructional leadership taking place, everyone working together as a team and fiscally prioritizing our resources to make a greater impact on student achieve throughout the system.  We are getting better every day in every way.

“I would like to thank the board of education for making the students their  number one priority. The best is yet to come,” Dr. Torrance Choates.  

The Sumter County School District is located in Sumter County, Georgia, the home of the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter.  The District serves over 4,700 students from Americus, Leslie, Desoto and Plains. Teachers, administrators, support staff members and the Board of Education are committed to achieving the mission of graduating all students. We are also committed to providing a quality, equitable education for all students and providing appropriate professional learning opportunities for all staff members.

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