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Topic Department Phone
Administration Administration 229-931-8513
ASTEP - 21st Century (Before/After School Program) ASTEP/BSTEP 229-924-3168
CTAE Career Technology 229-931-8510
Human Resources Department Human Resources 229-931-8531
Maintenance Department Maintenance 229-931-8506
Nutrition Department Nutrition 229-931-8546
Ombudsman Site Ombudsman 229-931-9771
Payroll Department Payroll 229-931-8527
Public Relations Department Public Relations 229-931-8526
Pupil Services Pupil Services 229-931-8528
Receptionist Receptionist 229-931-8500
Special Education Department Special Education 229-931-8519
Support Services Department Support Services 229-931-8515
Teaching/Learning Department Teaching/Learning 229-931-8504
Technology Department Technology 229-931-8517
Transportation Department Transportation 229-931-8529