Sumter County Schools Announce Exemplary Students for the First 9 weeks

Exemplary Students 1st 9 Weeks

Sumter County Schools Announce Exemplary Students for the First 9 weeks


For the 2020-2021 school year, Dr. Torrance Choates, Superintendent wanted to have a district wide quarterly recognition of outstanding students in grades Kindergarten - 12th. The criteria Dr. Choates set was for the student to be exemplary, have all As, excellent attendance and behavior. The students and his/her parents were invited to attend the December Board of Education meeting. In addition to receiving a certificate, the students also received a sign that they will proudly display in their yards.


Sumter County Primary School

Kindergarten - James Brown 


First Grade - Marlee Brown


Sumter County Elementary School 

2nd Grade - Zayden Lyles        


3rd Grade - Braxton Mann        


Sumter County Intermediate School

4th Grade - Courtney Pressey, Jr 

5th Grade - Nyla Reece 

6th Grade - Rayan Jenkins 


Sumter County Middle School

7th Grade - Caleb Mansfield

8th Grade - Nevaeh Williams


Americus Sumter Ninth Grade Academy

9th Grade - NaKyra Merritt


Americus Sumter High School 

10th Grade- Trinity Brown


11th Grade- Ian Roberts

12th Grade-Lauryn Carter 



Pictured left to right: Kindergarten - James Brown; 1st Grade - Marlee Brown; 2nd Grade - Zayden Lyles; 6th Grade - Rayan Jenkins; 7th Grade - Caleb Mansfield; 9th Grade - NaKyra Merritt; 10th Grade - Trinity Brown; 11th Grade - Ian Roberts; and 12th Grade - Lauryn Carter 

Exemplary Students 1st 9 Weeks