2022 – 2023 Teacher of the Year Luncheon

2022 – 2023 Teacher of the Year Luncheon Group Photo

2022 – 2023 Teacher of the Year Luncheon

Sumter County Schools celebrated the Teachers of the Year for the 2022 – 2023 School Year with a luncheon in the Ignite Café. The culinary arts students along with their instructor, Nancy Green, served the attendees a delicious meal. After the meal gifts were presented to the honorees by Human Resource Director Helen Ricketts. Superintendent Walter Knighton then discussed the “New Georgia Economy” with the group and presented information about Future Educational Forecasting.

Superintendent Kinghton addressed the honorees, “Thank you for all the hard work, sacrifice and dedication that you have put into this profession. Our students definitely benefited from all that you do. I know your school, in particular, has benefited from your leadership. The work ethic that you bring every single day in your building, what you believe in, somebody, your colleagues, students and specifically those who were just getting into the profession are watching you.  We thank you all for all that you do.  So, once you are Teacher of the Year, you are always a Teacher of the Year.”


Seated Left to Right: David Ndaayezwi, Kristina Aldridge, Melissa Oliver, Tarsha Carter, and Danielle Ford

Standing Left to Right: Associate Superintendent Kimothy Hadley, Rusha Gardner, Justin Leverette, Jayden T. Terry, Cameran Long, SCHS Principal Dr. Marnie Dutcher, SCMS Assistant Principal

Sabrina Stephens, SCPS Principal Dr. Renee Mays, SCES Principal Teira Wallace, SCIS Principal Dr. Mohan Gugulothu, Calia Hill, Madison Shelton, Nancy Green, Helen Ricketts, and Sumter County School Superintendent Walter Knighton