Response to Intervention (RTI)

What is Response To Intervention (RTI)?

RTI or “Response to Intervention” is an education model that promotes the early identification of students who may have learning or behavioral difficulties.  The primary tenets of RTI include:

  • Academic and behavioral screenings for all students in order to identify students in need of support
  • Progressively intensive implementation of research-based interventions and/or strategies to increase performance of those students who have been identified as needing additional support
  • Frequent progress monitoring (academic or behavioral) for those students who are receiving interventions in order determine whether the student has “responded to the intervention.” 

 In summary, the RTI model first assumes that instructional needs/deficits are the primary cause of academic or behavioral difficulties.  Given this assumption, students who are experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties are provided with increased academic and behavioral supports to attempt to remediate the deficits.  If the student is found to not respond to the increased supports, students may then be referred for a comprehensive evaluation in order to determine if there is a disability present that is impeding the child from performing adequately.


Lashaunda Thomas

Response to Intervention Coordinator 

Phone# 229-931-5833