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Health Inspections

Health Inspection Scores and Information

The National School Lunch Program requires that each school have two Health Inspections per year.

Sumter County Schools are inspected by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The Health Inspection reports for Sumter County Schools will be posted online and updated as inspections as soon as possible.

The Health Inspection scores are listed below by school name, score, and date in which the inspection was conducted.

For more information, such as current health inspection scores, please visit the State of Georgia Board of Health.


Sumter County Schools, School Year 2017 - 2018


1st Inspection Date and Score

2nd Inspection Date and Score

SC Primary School


5/10/2018 - 100

SC Elementary School


5/10/2018 - 99

SC Intermediate School

2/01/2018 – 100

5/10/2018 - 100

SC Middle School


5/10/2018 - 100

AS Ninth Grade Academy

1/24/2018 – 99

5/10/2018 - 100

AS High School


5/14/2018 - 100

Furlow Charter School


5/10/2018 - 100


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